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As part of our commitment to offering a comprehensive aftersale service and the highest standard of workmanship, we have obtained the AWS (Approved Workshop Scheme) accreditation and became part of the NCC. As part of our development and desire to operate a modern and up to date workshop we continuously invest in the latest equipment as well as manufacturer’s training. As proof of this commitment, we are now a Gas Safe Registered workshop.

We offer Courtesy Vehicles while your vehicle is in for servicing or repairs or alternatively, transfers to Edinburgh or train stations are available.

Servicing Overview

Habitation Services

A yearly habitation service should be carried out on the “home” part of your vehicle to ensure optimum performance, that your appliances are running safely and smoothly and that your warranty is maintained. The habitation service includes:

  • Gas Pressure Test
  • Electrics System Test
  • Water Systems
  • Appliances
  • Damp Test
  • Soundness

Chassis Servicing & Repairs

We carry out servicing on the chassis and engine part of your motorhome even within the factory warranty period and we only use parts issued or approved by manufacturers. Our servicing offers but is not limited to:

  • Servicing & MOTs
  • Brakes & Tyres
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Timing Belt & Water Pumps

Parts & Accessories

As well as offering Habitation & Chassis Servicing, we can supply parts like windows and blinds, skylights, locks, etc. Additionally, we fit a wide range of accessories including:

  • Awnings
  • Solar Panels
  • Towbars & Bike Racks
  • Gaslow Systems
  • TVs & Aerials/Satellites
  • Rear View Cameras

E & P Hydraulics - Motorhome Levelling System

The motorhome leveller system uses 4 light-weight hydraulic levelling jacks which level and stabilise your vehicle. The motorhome levelling jacks are available in a variety of different stroke lengths to suit most models of motorhome…We have the answer, whatever your vehicle!

Complete Caravan Levelling System
2 main hydraulic caravan leveller jack supports are mounted to the caravan axle so it can be raised and levelled side-to-side. These caravan jacks also take the weight of the caravan and stabilise it. Your standard corner steadies are replaced with 4 hydraulically operated AL-KO "Big Foot" supports, which help with the front-to-back caravan levelling. In total there are 6 supports all working to level and stabilise your caravan at the touch of a button.

Compact Caravan levelling System
Perfect for those caravaners who still want stability, security and assistance with tricky side-to-side caravan levelling, but at a more affordable cost. The Compact caravan leveller uses just 2 hydraulic axle jacks to automatically level your caravan side-to-side and to provide stability throughout.

VB Suspension

As a motorhome owner, you probably know the feeling of intense crosswinds while driving your motorhome. While overtaking lorries or buses, your motorhome can be unstable. At high speed, it can be dangerous for both your motorhome and your own safety. With the installation of air suspension, your motorhome is more stable on the road and less sensitive to crosswinds.

Optimal handling
Motorhomes often have a high center of gravity. This causes your motorhome to lean/roll when cornering and can make both you and your passengers feel unsafe and uncomfortable. VB-Airsuspension offers an appropriate solution to this problem; our air suspension products ensure that your motorhome is more stable and therefore leans/rolls less when cornering.

Constant height
The weight of a motorhome is usually not evenly distributed over the entire length of the vehicle. Equipment and accessories, such as a bicycle or scooter rack, are often stored within the overhang at the rear. The uneven distribution of weight will ensure that the original suspension of your motorhome will "sag". This can lead to reduced comfort, handling and steering problems, but can also mean that springs and shock absorbers have to be replaced earlier.

Our products section will provide the best solution for you.

Auto Level
After a long journey, you arrive at your destination only to find that the camp-ground is sloping and you have to spend ages getting your motorhome level, before you can relax. VB-Airsuspension offers the solution:

With our one-touch "Auto Level" function, VB-Airsuspension 4C air suspension ensures that your motorhome finds its perfect level quickly and easily. Sloping grounds can be levelled by up to 130mm, leaving you to concentrate on relaxing.