How To Get Your Campervan Winter-Ready

With the weather taking a wintry turn, we’ve caught up with Roseisle Service Manager Andy to run through his top tips for getting your campervan winter-ready and looking after it over the colder months.

Roseisle Luxury Campervan Hire Scotland Maintenance

How should I prepare my campervan for winter?

1. Start by removing the following items from your campervan:

  • All food items from the fridge, freezer and cupboards – these can attract pests.
  • All textiles and soft furnishings (bed linen, toilet roll etc.) – these can retain mould in cold climates.
  • All valuables and electronics – battery terminals can corrode if left too long in the cold and damp.

2. Then clean your campervan thoroughly inside and out:

  • Clean the fridge and freezer thoroughly and leave the door ajar (there should be a locking catch on the door).
  • Check awnings are totally dry before storing them away.
  • Leave all cupboards, wardrobes and lockers ajar to prevent any condensation or mould.

3. Finally, disconnect your services and drain the campervan:

  • Turn off gas bottles.
  • Fit any exterior vent covers.
  • Empty all systems over a suitable drainage point angling your vehicle to get as much water out as possible.
  • Make sure you have fully emptied the freshwater, wastewater, water heater and toilet flush, ensuring that your toilet cartridge is completely empty clean and dry.
  • Open all internal taps (while over the drain) and leave these open throughout the winter.
  • If you have a mixer tap, open it in the middle so that both sides are on.
  • If you have inline water filters, disconnect and empty these.
  • Leave the water pump running until running dry (then turn off quickly to avoid pump burnout).
  • Remove the showerhead and drain the water from the hose. Leave the hose hanging onto the bathroom drain (if you have a shower room) or a bowl if you have a carpet.
  • If possible, go for a quick drive to help dislodge any remaining water in the tanks.

Do I need to do anything with my E&P Self Levelling System over winter?

Manually deploy the jacks to full length at the front and spray with silicone spray. Repeat again with the rear.

Roseisle Luxury Campervan Hire Scotland Maintenance

How should I store my campervan through winter?

1. Indoors or with a full motorhome cover

If you can’t store your RV, motorhome or campervan inside, then a full motorhome cover is the next best thing. The more layers of insulation the better. Keep in mind that full covers are not easy to put on and they cover the vents, so try to find another way to let some air in.

2. With a windscreen cover

If you do not have full covers, a windscreen cover is the next best option, with the wiper blades lying off the window so they can freeze in situ.

3. On a hard standing

Park your vehicle on a hard standing (concrete or tar) preferably not on grass, mud, or soil. This can lead to damp inside the vehicle.

Should I / how can I heat my campervan through winter?

The campervan will be insulated enough over the winter however it does help to put some heating by way of radiator or fan heater on every morning to take the chill off. Remember that the van’s own heating system will not work as you will have dropped the water to avoid the pipes freezing.

If you have an electric oil filled radiator it may be a good idea to connect your campervan or motorhome to electricity if possible and then you can plug in the oil filled heater over the winter to at least 10 degrees to take the chill off the inside of the van.

What tyres should I put on my campervan through winter?

If you plan to drive your vehicle during the winter months it is advisable to have winter tyres fitted at an approved workshop.
For more help and information on getting your campervan winter-ready, please visit the Roseisle Service Department.