The Ultimate Guide to Scotland Staycations for When It’s Safe

Disclaimer: Your ability to safely carry out the ideas in this article may change with developing Government advice in your country and those you plan to visit. Stay safe and visit for the latest guidance in Scotland or for the latest guidance in England.

While holidays and mini-breaks are still off-limits, we figured there was no harm in showcasing some staycation-inspiration for when it’s safe to embark on your next Scotland adventure.

Let’s start with the question many of you might be asking: What is a staycation?

In a nutshell, a staycation is when we choose to holiday in our own country instead of fleeing abroad. It might include daily activities, weekends away, or road trips such as Scotland’s North Coast 500.

Holidays abroad in 2020 are looking increasingly unlikely due to COVID-19. But, we don’t want this to be another doom-and-gloom post about the negatives of coronavirus.

While you’re at home, now might be the perfect time to start planning your next adventure for when it’s safe to venture out.

Over the years, we bet you’ve often heard the phrase, “You never explore your own country”. It’s true. The temperamental weather in Scotland can be a little tiring at times and it’s easy for us to feel drawn into the idea of sun, sea, and sangria.

What we often forget is that Scotland is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery and natural beauty in the world.

Once it’s safe to do so, you have the greatest opportunity to explore the country you call home.

Whether you hire a campervan to discover the mythical land of the Scottish Highlands or take a road trip through the stunning countryside, you’re sure to see sights you’ve never noticed before.

The team at Roseisle have put together this ultimate guide to Scotland staycations for 2020.

We’ve picked out our favourite three trips to share with you now, but you can view all the itineraries and more locations in the guide.

Number 1: North Coast 500

Bridge crossing over water in Scotland

The drive along Scotland’s North Coast 500 is one of Europe’s finest road trips. It’s difficult to describe the sheer variety of scenery and nature that unfolds around each corner.

Wild landscapes combine with towering mountains.

Named the North Coast 500 due to it being an approximately 500-mile round trip around the northern coastline, you’ll view coastal vistas and otherworldly backdrops.

If you choose to do this road trip in a campervan or motorhome, be a courteous driver. Much of this drive is along a single-track road, so make sure you pull over regularly to let faster vehicles pass. A lazy pace with plenty of photo stops is our recommended way to do this journey.

View a 7-day itinerary here and a 14-day itinerary here.

Number 2: Scotland’s lochs and mountains

Mountains at sunset in the Scottish Highlands

It’s hard to describe the certain kind of calm you can experience when you’re next to the mountains and lochs in Scotland. Their shapes and textures are ever-changing thanks to the unpredictable climate.

Stepping into the Scottish Highlands is like taking a secret passageway that removes you from ‘normal’ life. They’re wild yet beautiful; empty yet majestic.

The mountains and lochs of Scotland evoke feelings of belonging, and we all need a bit of that every now and then.

If you love good old Mother Nature and want to experience a landscape like to others, then a visit to the Scottish Highlands should be part of your planning. Just remember your waterproofs!

View a 7-day itinerary here and a 14-day itinerary here.

Number 3: Glencoe and the surrounding countryside

Mountains under a dramatic sky in Glencoe, Scotland

To say a place is magical is a little cliche but Glencoe is one of those places that deserve the use of the word. Otherworldly landscapes, temperamental weather, and mythical stories all help to create this land where the air feels lighter and you get to feel like you’re just a bit closer to nature.

Steeped in history, Glencoe and the surrounding areas are home to world-famous landmarks, such as Glen Etive, Buachaille Etive Mor, and the Three Sisters.

View the full Glencoe guide here.

Final notes

Staycations can involve just as much, if not more, exploration than being abroad. Dive into parts of Scotland you’ve always had on your list.

Discover more with a home on the road. View Roseisle’s selection of campervans and motorhomes available to hire.

Stay safe and well while you plan your journey through Scotland for a post-lockdown staycation.

Roseilse is still following government guidance and remains committed to keeping customers and employees safe.