Campervan Travel Inspiration: Adventures from Scotland

While holidays and mini-breaks are still off-limits, we figured there was no harm in showcasing some campervan inspiration for when it’s safe to embark on your next adventure in Scotland.

A campervan gives you the opportunity to travel without a fixed destination. 

Grab your pillows, cameras, and box of tea bags for a limitless journey through Scotland.


Let’s begin…

Blissfully free

Choose your road. It doesn’t matter which one; it could be the A82 through Glencoe or the A9 up to Thurso. Turn on your playlist and drive alongside fields of heather and mountainous landscapes.

Discover otherworldly sights and ever-changing climates as you travel further north. You’ll see sauntering sheep and photogenic highland cows along the way. Don’t forget to stop for photos (where safe). 

Travel north or west to the islands to find the most spectacular sweep of cream sand beaches. Turquoise waters combine with crashing waves to create a truly breathtaking sight.

If the weather allows, invigorate yourself by kicking off your shoes and take a walk through the cold waters of the North Atlantic while leaving temporary footprints in the sand.

The beaches will feel impossible to leave behind, and with a campervan, you don’t have to. Park up and enjoy a brew with a view until the cyan skies slide into a stunning orange sunset. No lights, no traffic, no mobile phones. No worries, no hassle, no stress.

Fall asleep to the sound of wind skimming the waves.

Wild camping

Roseisle Scotland Luxury Campervans

Responsible wild camping is legal in many parts of Scotland. View ten of the best wild camping spots in Scotland here.

Wild camping means that you don’t need to book camping sites. Find a suitable spot and politely settle for the night.

You might find that shops, petrol stations, and lights can be scarce in the remote areas of the Highlands, but there’s a true beauty in the quiet calm. Just be sure to pack and prepare accordingly. Oh, and don’t forget a torch–it can get very dark; the starry skies are often your only light.

Planning your campervan adventure

Campervan holidays are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and will continue to be as lockdown eases.

Think about where you want to visit and the time of year you wish to travel. 

Read our Ultimate Guide to Scotland Staycations here.

Here’s a handy list of essentials included in all Roseisle hires:

  • 24/7 breakdown cover
  • Fully comprehensive insurance
  • Inclusive VAT
  • Manual or automatic
  • Fire extinguisher and blanket
  • Smoke alarm
  • First aid kit
  • Cable hook-ups
  • Complimentary gas
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Reversing camera, Bluetooth
  • Unlimited mileage
  • SAT Nav/GPS
  • Cruise control
  • Cab air conditioning

If you’re planning to venture over to the islands, think about your journey there. There’s a bridge over Loch Alsh that will lead you right over to the Isle of Skye from the mainland.

Alternatively, ferries to the Isle of Lewis depart from Ullapool, on the northwest coast of Scotland. Take a morning crossing and you’ll arrive in Stornoway, the island’s capital, 2.5 hours later.

Final notes

Roseisle Scotland's Most Spectacular Beaches Sollas Beach

Some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and beaches can be found scattered across Scotland. 

A campervan adventure gives you the simplicity, freedom, and flexibility that you’re craving from travel.

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