5 Common Maintenance Issues and How Roseisle Can Help

Picture it: you have packed the kids up, the bikes are on the back of the camper and you’ve got music blasting on the surround sound. You are ready to hit the road when you notice something isn’t right with the vehicle… 

Much like cars, campervans require proper observation to ensure you get the most for your money. Unfortunately, without proper care and attention, scenarios like this can happen.

These situations are easily avoidable with some very simple guidance. We have highlighted some common areas which require observation when operating a campervan, as well as offering ways in which Roseisle can provide assistance.


Starting with potentially the most common grievance – the dead battery. Many campervans and motorhomes come equipped with two batteries. One is for starting the vehicle, the other is used for the leisure equipment. 

This means there is more for the campervan owner to monitor. It is important to keep equipment such as a battery charger and jumper cables in case you lose power during a trip. You can also purchase a spare leisure battery quite readily online.

How we can help

While we can’t provide emergency breakdown cover, we do offer servicing and MOTs to help nip any potential issues in the bud. We have a team of expert mechanics on hand in our fully equipped workshop.

Roseisle Common Campervan Issues Wheel


A tyre puncture can prove to be a cause for concern for any campervan owner. A poorly constructed road, or small amounts of debris, can lead to an issue arising without warning. 

Keep on top of flat tyres by packing a puncture repair kit in your van. If you feel this won’t suffice, the next step might be to replace the wheel with the spare provided. Thankfully, our entire range of vehicles come with a spare wheel kit as standard.  

How we can help

If there are persistent wheel problems prior to hitting the road, Roseisle offers full motorhome chassis service. This includes reviewing and replacing tyres, brakes, timing belts and many more. We only use manufacture-approved parts to ensure your vehicle is always in the best condition. 

Roseisle Common Campervan Issues Roof


Changes to weather and terrain can cause external wear and tear to your vehicle. Campervan roofs come in many different forms, with additional solar panels and pop tops common in many vehicles. 

Due to the different designs, small leaks may eventually appear. These leaks can lead to water ingress which, over time, may lead to further damage and a costly bill. 

While you may be a dab hand at DIY and want to get fixing it yourself, we always recommend leaving roof and structural problems to the professionals. 

How can we help

Roseisle offers a specific motorhome habitation service which includes dampness and soundness tests. Our team can take an in-depth look at the vehicle, locate any points for concern and have them swiftly fixed.


While the highlands of Scotland often boasts beautiful scenery, it can also be host to some less than beautiful roads. While campervans are designed to carry a lot of weight and withstand some tough terrain, general wear and tear will build over time. 

Due to the importance of the suspension system, these problems often require the work of a professional rather than a quick fix.  

How we can help

Our servicing covers general suspension fixes, but we also offer an additional ‘Air Suspension’ system. This increases stability in the vehicle, provides a constant height and can give you an auto-level on an uneven campground. 

Roseisle can also fit an E&P hydraulic system for further vehicle support. This will take and support the campervan weight using hydraulic jacks.

Broken Parts

Damage to small parts and accessories is often more of a nuisance than something to halt a holiday. Still, for full comfort and enjoyment, you want to make sure that your vehicle is fully equipped. 

You can provide a quick-fix to many internal parts with some time on your hands; however, fully replacing and repairing parts is a job for the professionals.

How can we help

Our services don’t just cover damage to the vehicle chassis or mechanics. We stock a range of internal parts and accessories and have an expert team on hand to help fit and fix. We can also provide assistance with external parts, such as satellites and electrics, to ensure all the entertainment systems are in full working order.

Roseisle Common Campervan Issues Campervan

Some Final Tips

There are some simple things to keep in mind to make sure you are not caught out by a nasty surprise: 

  • Don’t wait until the day of your trip to check the vehicle: if possible, give it a once over for any problems with enough time to have any issues fixed by a professional
  • Get out in the van as much as possible: leaving any vehicle sitting dormant for too long can cause problems, especially in Winter. Get out for a quick spin where possible to ensure it still starts well. 
  • Keep tools onboard: while Roseisle provides equipment such as spare wheels, it’s worthwhile keeping some tools highlighted throughout the blog on board in case of emergency 
  • Regular maintenance: as with all vehicles, regular professional servicing and MOTs will help ensure a long lifespan for your campervan




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