10 Items To Remember For Your Next Camping Trip

Whether you are having to find sunscreen in a local Spanish cornershop or having a dip in the pool in your undies, there is nothing more frustrating than forgetting a key item. 


We have compiled a list of some essential and non-essential items which you should keep in your campervan ready for the next time you hit the road. 


This is not an exhaustive list, and everyone will have their own preferred checklist of items to keep stored in the camper – but with these things readily available, it leaves one less thing to think about before your next trip.



Electric cable


The first on the list is an essential for the campground. While many of our motorhomes come with two batteries (one regular and one for leisure), you do not want to be using this for the full trip. If you are parking up in a campsite, make use of the amenities on offer. 


Our tip: shop around for the right cable. You will not always be parked close to the outlets, so get one which is long and able to withstand the Scottish climate!


Basic Toolkit


A toolkit is something to bring that you hope you will not have to use. Having a basic toolkit is perfect for backup in case something is not working right, either on the external of the vehicle or with the internal equipment. Make sure you have all you require for a worst-case scenario. 


Tip: for holidaymakers exploring the continent, remember it is compulsory to bring a European Breakdown Safety Kit. This usually includes high-visibility jackets, emergency bulbs and a warning triangle. You can easily find these online!


Towels, bedding and clothes


This one is a little more obvious; however, it is a real pain if you forget! If you are camping in the Scottish wilderness, finding a towel will prove difficult. 


With the comfortable beds which come in Roseisle campers and motorhomes, it can feel like a home from home. Make sure you utilise this by bringing along nice bedding.  Just because you are camping does not mean you need to be in a sleeping bag! 


Tip: do not bring your fanciest towels or bedding. Either buy some nice, inexpensive new ones or bring older ones that you are happy to risk getting a bit dirty.


Cleaning supplies


Cleaning supplies are important – not just for the van, but for yourself! We covered the essential cleaning supplies to bring for cleaning your campervan in our previous Spring cleaning blog.


Unpleasant smells or stains can put a dampener on a holiday, and a basic set of cleaning tools will ensure you can keep the van fresh throughout the trip. 


Tip: Roseisle campervans also come with a pre-fitted shower, so make sure to pack the soaps and shower gels as well!


First aid kit


Roseisle Items To Pack For Your Next Trip First Aid Kit

An absolute essential for any trip! Similar to the toolkit, it is one you hope you do not have to use; however, you have to prepare for the worst. There are plenty of basic toolkits to be found online which will do the trick. Just make sure you replenish it before each trip!


Tip: for the hikers among us, make sure to top up the first aid kit with some blister plasters! The regular plasters just won’t cut it in this instance. 


Nice to haves




There was much debate about whether this one deserved to be an essential or a nice to have. Would it really be camping without a cup of tea or coffee in the morning to get you going? 


While our campervans come stocked with the essentials, this does not include a kettle. Whether a plug-in or stovetop, make sure you bring your own! 


Tip: don’t forget the thermos! Take your tea or coffee with you on those long walks or cycles. 


Handheld vacuum


While you do not want to spend your whole holiday cleaning, your campervan will naturally attract some dirt. Whether brought in from muddy boots or from a pet, things may get messy. Having a handheld vacuum cleaner in the campervan will help you to quickly and easily remove any dirt. 


Tip: you might want to bring a dustpan and brush in addition, or instead of, a vacuum. Anything which is small and portable while being able to tidy a small space will be ideal! 


Portable washing machine


This one is for the heavy-duty campervan adventurers. If you are doing a trip for a few weeks or more, a portable washing machine would make a great addition. 


A quick look online will highlight foldable, wall-mounted and tabletop machines which will all do the trick. A really handy piece of equipment which can help to extend your holiday further. 


Tip: don’t forget a clothes horse or a washing line! Soggy clothes lying around the campervan will not be pleasant! 


Camera or Go-Pro


Whether for the family album or making your friends jealous on social media, make sure you are documenting your adventure! There are a whole host of durable travel cameras online which make for a perfect addition without taking up too much space. Easily mountable to the campervan and pocket-sized to take on adventures! 


Tip: look into buying additional equipment, such as a tripod or ‘selfie stick’. These are alternatives which can make filming and taking pictures a lot easier on the move, without taking up too much precious cargo space. 


Tent and equipment


While having the home comforts of the campervan is great, it is nice to get out for a rough sleep under the stars. Make sure to pack a small tent and the essentials if you are so inclined. 


Tent pegs, sleeping bags and a rubber mallet are all required. Many of our campervans come with an awning, in case you fancy pitching up close to the van with a bit of a roof overhead. 


Tip: air out the tent and the bag beforehand. This gets rid of any dampness, as well as allowing you to check that all the pegs and ropes are in there before setting off. 




Taking a trip around the UK and Europe is made easy in a Roseisle campervan. Invest in your own recreational vehicle to travel in style and comfort. 


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