Introducing Laika

We are proud to stock and sell a range of motorhomes and campervans suited to all kinds of adventurers. The latest addition to the Roseisle fleet comes from Laika: with their modern Kosmo range, you can travel the world from Italy. 

Laika vehicles are built with three main principles in mind: Design, Comfort and Technique. We decided to explore the Kosmo range and highlight features relating to each of the principles. But first, a little more about the brand…

Get to know the history

Do you recognise the name Laika but are not sure where from? That may be because the name and logo were designed to commemorate Laika, the first dog sent into space. While the canine’s story is very interesting, we will only be focusing on the manufacturer’s story here.

Giovambattista Moscardini founded Laika over 56 years ago in the Tuscany region of Italy. Moscardini built Laika under the philosophy of future visions, innovations and new travel ideas. Nearly 6 decades later, this still rings true.

The first factory opened in 1974, followed by industrial production of their first line: The Motorpolo Series. The success of this first model led Laika to expand their production efforts. 

The Laika brand grew even further in 2000 when they were bought by the German Erwin Hymer Group. Followers of Roseisle will be familiar with this name as they are also the owners of the popular Carado vehicle brand. 

With new investment came a move to a much larger plant in San Casciano where production is still housed today. Following successes with their Kreos and Ecovip ranges (the latter of which is still in production), Laika turned their attention to the latest model: the Kosmo series. 

We are proud to stock this Kosmo series in our showroom. The new, more modern line was first launched in 2018 and has proved extremely popular with Laika customers. But what makes their motorhomes and campervans so special?

Roseisle Introducing Laika Over-Cab on Road


Certain countries are synonymous with their own production traits, and with Italy comes style! Laika campervans and motorhomes are no exception to this rule. Every vehicle is conceived, designed and manufactured with particular attention to detail and excellent Tuscan craftsmanship. 

Something we love about the Laika brand is the going being hand-in-hand with the practicality. Not only are the vehicles sturdy and suitable for long-haul trips, but allow you to do so in comfort and class. 

The vehicles exteriors are pleasant on the eye. High detail stencil graphics set the design apart, while fibreglass windshields and aluminium underbody skirts on the motorhome models also provide durability. Across the full range, the windows are high quality- all coming fit with blinds and mosquito nets for complete ease of use. 

Your vehicle’s kitchen will always look brand new, even after multiple adventures, thanks to the exquisite high-gloss coating. This feature provides scratch and fingerprint resistance to the worktops and surfaces.

Of course, any vehicle owner will tell you that it is little touches that can make all the difference. This is another area where Laika excels – USB sockets throughout the interior, adjustable reading lights, multi-level indirect lighting and fitted coat racks are just some of the little touches which aid practicality. 


In keeping with the Laika philosophy, particular attention is paid to ensuring the vehicles are as comfortable as possible. Through clever design and high-quality products, Laika truly feels like a home from home. 

Experienced owners will tell you one of the first things you should check out in any new recreational vehicle purchase is the bed. Thankfully, Laika provides a quality sleeping experience. The mattresses are high-quality and breathable, while the frames come with wooden slats and padded headboards. 

You can guarantee maximum comfort with the vehicle furniture, and almost all seating and beds come with removable lining – this makes washing the interior of the vehicle a breeze!

You won’t feel that harsh highland weather with a comfortably warm interior. The motorhome walls and roof come highly insulated with EPS foam, while all vehicles are built with internal boiler systems and heat distribution throughout the interior. 

Spacious, private bathrooms also provide the comfort you require, while a separate shower is ideal for removing any dirt you might have dragged in on a hike or a cycle. 

Finally, for those adventurers that like to finish off their day with a glass of wine under the stars, you may want to check out the campervan model. With a compressor refrigerator which is reachable from both inside and outside the vehicle, you won’t have to leave your seat. 


The final string to the Kosmo bow is the excellent attention to detail paid to the road technique and prowess of the vehicle. Laika vehicles provide all the standard expectations and more when ensuring road safety and ability. 

The entire Kosmo range is built with a Fiat Ducato engine and chassis, as standard. These robust and durable engines are popular across a wide range of campervans and motorhome producers. They provide enough power to ensure you will meet speed limits comfortably, while hill holder and descent functions give vehicle stability when traversing mountainsides. 

You won’t be caught short on the power front as the vehicles are packed with a high-performance 95Ah battery, with an 18 A automatic charging system included. This is perfect for fueling the 100% LED lighting throughout the vehicle interior and headlights. 

Huge 110 litre drinking water systems with immersion pumps and easy access make inspection and upkeep of the water supply straightforward. The bathroom water storage also comes with freeze-resistant removable cassettes to make the less appealing jobs even easier. 

Space – the final frontier. Thankfully Kosmo models have bags of it. Every vehicle, even the compact model, is designed to maximise space as much as possible. The range maxes out with the Over-Cab model which can comfortably fit and sleep 6 people. With a staggering 870kg payload,  you don’t have to worry about packing light. 


What makes Laika models so special for us is the versatility. There are multiple models designed to suit families of all sizes, and all the vehicles are very easily modified to meet your requirements and expectations. 

Due to the range and versatility of the homes, they can make either a nice entry-level buy or the next step for more experienced owners. 

Check out the Laika site for more information and pop down to our showroom to check them out in person. 


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