Staying Safe on the Roads

As a provider of luxury motorhomes and campervans, Roseisle is always keen to learn about initiatives which can help improve road safety. The safety of our customers is a major priority for us. 

With this in mind, we wanted to share more information about Road Safety Week, which this year takes place between 16th – 23rd November, as well as let you know some of the ways we ensure vehicle safety. 

The Initiative

Founded by the road safety charity, Brake, this is the UK’s largest road safety event. The primary focus is to inspire communities, schools and organisations to promote positive messages around road safety and make changes to help reduce the number of fatalities on UK roads. 

The campaign began in 1997 and has been running every year since. This year’s theme is “No Need To Speed”, with particular attention being paid to speeding on our roads and the number of accidents caused due to careless driving. 

Not only is the aim to reduce the number of road deaths but also to increase road safety in our communities. The idea is that, with safer roads, more people may choose to walk or cycle. This will also lead to a healthier community at large. 

This year’s campaign message is No Need to Speed. Road safety is of the utmost importance to the team at Roseisle. We firmly agree with this year’s campaign that there is No Need To Speed, and we also seek to promote healthier lifestyles with our activity-based adventure showcases.  You can learn more about Brake and Road Safety Week on their website.

Providing Safe Vehicles

Ensuring safety on our roads comes from many forms. It requires diligence while driving, following the laws carefully and making sure that your vehicle is properly equipped for the journey. While we can not make guarantees for people on the roads, we can guarantee the safety of our vehicles. 

All our new and used vehicles are fully serviced prior to leaving the showroom floor. Our modern workshop is fully up to date and equipped with the latest equipment. Not only do we invest in the tools, but our team are all specialists and trained to the manufacturer’s highest standards. 

Our servicing options vary, with some focusing on habitation checks while others are more attributed to vehicle safety and road legality. Our Full Motorhome Chassis Servicing ensures your tyres, brakes, timing belt and other essential factors are all meeting regulations before you leave the workshop. 

We also offer air suspension and hydraulic levelling systems which can provide increased vehicle stability. This not only provides comfort for levelling the vehicle but allows you to feel safer and more confident when tackling unfamiliar or particularly windy roads. 

At Roseisle, appreciate that road safety involves more than just a safe vehicle – but it is a start. We strive to ensure that all vehicles are sold at the highest standards and without fault. 

Our Message

Driving a campervan or motorhome is a little different than driving a car – the size of the vehicle and power behind it differ and it requires full concentration and awareness of surroundings. By going over the speed limit, you reduce your reaction times and increase the risks of causing an accident.

We also highly recommend making sure your vehicle is fully serviced and road legal before setting off on a trip. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and if you have any concerns or want a professional to take a look, our team is glad to help out.   

We implore all our customers to ensure they are following the laws of the road to increase the safety of them, their passengers and other drivers. 


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