10 Christmas Gifts For The Campervan Enthusiast In Your Life

Struggling for ideas this Christmas? Is there a campervan or travel enthusiast in the family? While there has been restricted travel this year, we have compiled a list of ideas which will cure the itch and come in useful when we are allowed to travel the country again. 

From stocking fillers to main gifts, there are some very interesting ideas to make Christmas 2020 a brilliant one. 

BioLite CampStove 2

Kicking off with an all-in-one piece of equipment. The CampStove 2 doubles up as a portable charging device and a campfire, meaning you can still keep your phone charged in the wilderness. The energy pulled from the fire gives off a 3w charge, with a USB slot to plug in your device. The heat can be controlled via 4 internal fans, meaning you can turn up the combustion rate if required. 

This is a really clever piece of technology which will always come in handy – whether you need to boil some water or roast some marshmallows! 

Huawei Portable WiFi Hotspot 

Spending some time away from it all is a nice luxury you can achieve on your campervan holiday. But sometimes the home comforts help. Whether checking the news, updating your family or uploading the day’s pics onto social media, the internet can come in handy on a trip. 

This portable WiFi hotspot can help keep you connected. Using 4G internet to produce a local WiFi connection, you can connect up to 10 devices at any given time. Easy to set up and even with parental controls, this is an ideal gift for the Instagram-conscious travellers. 

Inflatable Air Lounger 

Moving from the practical to the fun: the inflatable air lounger. This is a perfect gift for spending some time relaxing outside of the van. Whether at the beach, around the campfire or even at a music festival – this is a comfortable solution. 

The lounger is lightweight, yet sturdy, and able to withhold over 30 stone in weight. They come packed away in a small bag, meaning they are very easy to transport and inflate. The material is naturally dirt-resistant and easily washed. Kick back on your next adventure! 

Lifestraw Water Filter

This one is for the hikers! The Lifestraw personal water filter is an innovative and award-winning handheld filtration system. Removing over 99.999% bacteria from any water supply, it means you will never be stranded without a drinking source again. Lightweight, easy to pack and reusable for up to 4000 litres of water, it’s a perfect backup for your flask!

You can also feel good by buying the Lifestraw as, for every purchase made, a child in a developing country receives enough drinking water to last a full school year! 

Stormproof Matches

Some gift ideas are less glamorous, and more downright practical. Any seasoned adventurer will have been in the tricky predicament of getting caught in the rain and soaked through. Trying to light a fire becomes an impossible task with soaked matches. Thanks to UCO Stormproof Matches, that issue is a thing of the past. 

Making for the perfect stocking filler, these are perfect to have in one of the drawers for a rainy day. The matches stay lit for around 15 seconds, even after torrential rain. Each box gives 25 matches and a spare striker.  

Magnetic Chess Board

After the success of The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix this year, chess sales have soared with some sellers reporting a 125% increase. Which makes a magnetic chess set an even more relevant gift idea! While mobile phones and modern gadgets will keep the passengers occupied for much of the trip, a magnetic chess board can allow for some old school fun. 

Magnetic chess sets are perfect for passengers on the road, allowing the pieces to stay in place, or for relaxing after a day of driving or hiking! A perfect alternative gift for the campervan owner in your life. 

Light and Sound Lantern

Back to the gadgets for this one! The Coleman Light and Sound Lantern one is another multi-tasking gadget which is perfect for sitting around the campfire. The 360 light can illuminate the evening’s activity, while the integrated Bluetooth speaker can provide the accompanying soundtrack. 

The practicality of this gift is also excellent. The light is rechargeable with lifetime LEDs, meaning no bulb replacement. The long-lasting battery means charging is not often required, while the speaker requires no-app connectivity. Simple to use all round! 

Gorilla Tape

Like the annual supply of socks many of us receive each Christmas, some gifts are perfect for their simplicity. A campervan owner can never have too much Gorilla Tape lying around. This extra strength tape is perfect for a quick fix of any interiors or equipment. 

While not the most glamorous gift, it’s one that will be appreciated whenever it is required. Perfect as a stocking filler! 

Wax Wraps

Like many campervan enthusiasts, there is a growing drive to be as eco-friendly as possible. Seemingly insignificant changes to the lifestyle can have a massive ongoing effect. BeeBee Food Wraps are a Vegan and eco-conscious alternative to traditional cling film. 

Spending time on the road often means cooking in batches and keeping food overnight. These reusable and environmentally friendly wraps mean you can keep food fresh without any guilt. The product can be refreshed easily, or thrown out sustainably. A thoughtful gift for any campervan traveller. 

Portable Dog Bowl

Finally, a gift for humans and canine travellers alike! We could not make a list of gift ideas without including at least one for those with furry companions. This portable travel bowl is ready-made for long trips with pets. 

Perfect for water or food, it folds down small enough to fit in your pocket. Whether it’s for dinner in the campervan or for water on a hike, it allows your pet easy access to all it requires!


This list gives some ideas for products, although is not exhaustive. The list is not designed to promote any particular brands, rather showcase some specific gift ideas. Research into the product will show alternatives for each product. 

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