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Roseisle understand the importance of keeping your motorhome in top condition all year round.

Regular motorhome servicing is the way to ensure that your vehicle maintains an optimum level of performance during its ownership cycle. Our Roseisle motorhome service centre come complete with dedicated highly skilled motorhome technicians with years of experience in servicing the complete motorhome range. Please take a moment to browse through our range of motorhome services and products below:


Regular Motorhome Services

Motorhome are road vehicles and to keep you and your passengers as safe as possible, you need to have it serviced regularly just as you would with any vehicle. The motorhome service is normally carried out by a workshop specialist that specialises in products from the manufacturer who supplied the chassis for your motorhome. These services need to be carried out at the mileages or times recommended by the manufacturer to comply with warranty regulations.

Motorhome MOT Service

In terms of MOT test purposes, your motorhome will be covered by the normal car MOT test scheme. In a few circumstances however, motorhome converters do not notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) about the conversion and some larger units retain their original vehicle classification. If you feel this is true in terms of your motorhome, you will be required to have more frequent, expensive MOT tests. You can contact the DVLA for advice on how to change the classification.

Motorhome Habitation Service

As you will be aware, you need to have the living area serviced annually, which will normally be done by a specialist motorhome dealer or workshop such as Roseisle. This 'habitation' service will include the gas, electrical, water and heating systems, which will all need to be checked and maintained. The fridge will also be checked and any major servicing is usually done separately. Our service department will also check for any damp or leaks in the basic structure.

Roseisle Customer Service

As part of our commitment to offering a comprehensive aftersale service and the highest standard of workmanship, Roseisle have obtained the AWS (Approved Workshop Scheme) accreditation and became part of the NCC. As part of our ongoing development and desire to operate a modern and up to date workshop, we continuously invest in the latest equipment as well as manufacturer’s training. As proof of this commitment, we are now a Gas Safe Registered workshop.

We also offer Courtesy Vehicles while your vehicle is in for servicing or repairs or alternatively, transfers to Edinburgh or train stations are available. For more information or to book a motorhome service, contact Roseisle Luxury Campervans today.


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Gas Safe
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