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Amundsen 640E Motorhome

January 19, 2016 10:20 am Published by Roseisle

Amundsen 640EWestfalia puts over 60 years of leisure travel experience into its newest range…the Amundsen. Let’s take a closer look at the Amundsen 640E, for sale in Scotland exclusively at Roseisle Luxury Campervans.

Modern, functional and stylish- that perfectly describes the Amundsen 640E for sale in Scotland. The interior design is clean, the colours are chic and everything is ergonomically shaped to make it a pleasure to ride in and travel in.

Amundsen 640E for sale in Scotland

The unique double bench, developed especially for Amundsen, provides two super comfy belted riding seats. The front seats swivel to form a relaxing seating area for up to four. And we love how the big windows illuminate the interior in the daytime for a cheery, bright atmosphere. At night, thoughtfully designed lighting provides just the right ambience for reading, cooking or winding down for the evening.
And speaking of winding down for the evening, the bed is equipped with a wonderfully supporting spring system with comfort zones. Always wake up refreshed and ready to take on whatever leisure time activity you enjoy when you choose the Amundsen 640E for sale in Scotland!

There’s no cramming yourself into the shower in the Amundsen 640E. The shower is full sized, and the mirror, cabinets and washbasin are artfully arranged for maximum functionality and space.

Amundsen 640E for sale at Roseisle

Eating is not just about sustenance when you choose the Amundsen 640E, for sale in Scotland. You really can cook just like you are at home, taking advantage of local produce wherever you go and saving money on eating out. Enjoy preparing gourmet meals in your campervan with the powerful 2-burner hob. There is a generous workspace and a 95-litre fridge-plus lots of room for pots, pans and odds and ends.

From weekends in the Highlands to grand voyages around Europe the Amundsen 640E by Westfalia will take you there in style and comfort. See one for yourself, for sale today at Roseisle in Edinburgh, Scotland and see where it could take you!

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