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Campervans: Buying vs. Hiring

Roseisle Campervan Buying vs Hiring Campervan in Summer

While the allure of the all-inclusive resort break still draws the attention of many, increasing numbers of young families have turned to alternative holiday plans in recent years. Factors such as the global pandemic, combined with increasing education around the impact of our carbon emissions, has caused people to think differently about flying. 

This has led to a stark increase in people choosing self-sustaining road trip holidays. Whether on our own shores or across Europe, there is a freedom you can only get from a holiday in your own recreational vehicle. 

Why choose to buy?


Frequent vehicle hirers will have asked themselves this question numerous times. Similar to most investments, you have to consider the bang for your buck. If you are planning on using the vehicle multiple times per year, it may make for a more financially sound investment. 

Owning your own motorhome provides security in knowing that you always have your holidays planned. Late cancellations and flight issues are no longer a cause for concern. Owning a vehicle also removes any potential stress of hiring a campervan during the busy peak season. 

Buying also leaves the option of owning a brand-new vehicle. Roseisle has a long history of restoring second-hand vehicles to pristine condition; however, for many, nothing beats the feeling of being the first owner. 

With the consideration taken to purchase your own motorhome, the next big question remains: what type should you buy? 

Carado Vehicles


Similar to the headache of purchasing a car, there is a range of different campervan manufacturers on the market. The key difference when purchasing a recreational vehicle is that there are a number of additional factors to consider before purchasing. In addition to the usual speed and style, you have to think of the sleeping and cooking capabilities, as well as the size and homely feel. 

With German-built quality, our range of Carado vehicles are designed with the purpose of traversing Europe in style. Exceptional production and high-functionality are at the forefront of their campervans. 

Each vehicle is built in compliance with their own quality standards on-site in their Capron Motorhome Factory. They have a team of experts who are fully committed to continuing the strong Carado brand name with each vehicle built.

Roseisle Campervan Buying vs Hiring Carado T339



Whether you are a family of hikers, cyclists or campfire dwellers, it is important to factor in what your plans are when choosing the perfect campervan. 

The brand new 2020 Carado T339 is a perfect example of the quality on show throughout our entire range of Carado vehicles. With huge amounts of storage space and the ability to comfortably sleep four people, this particular vehicle offers a perfect fit for family travel. 


With racks capable of holding three bikes and enough storage space to fit an additional kid’s bike, this campervan won’t leave you struggling to get out for a cycle. Or if you are more of the relaxing type, you can even kick back under the foldable 4m awning provided.


While outdoor activities are great fun, the T339 also provides some welcome digital distractions. The 22” TV with satellite, combined with a surround sound digital radio, should keep the kids well occupied on the journey.


Pack all the clothes and gear you need! This particular model makes the most of every square foot with tonnes of storage space and additional room under the bed.


A recreational vehicle should feel like a home-from-home. You want all the comfort you would get from a hotel room, with the added benefit of being able to travel in it. This particular vehicle comes equipped with comfortable beds, a large fridge freezer and cooking appliances. 

A panorama roof light with multiple windows throughout allows the vehicle to be beautifully lit naturally or artificially.


As with any vehicles in our range, we offer ongoing aftercare and servicing. From stocking and fitting additional parts to an annual service, our team can provide expert knowledge and keep your vehicle road safe. 



Interested in purchasing a Carado motorhome? Roseisle is one of a small number of dealers across Europe to stock Carado vehicles, and the only in Scotland.  


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