Carado T334 Motorhome


Like all models in the range, the Carado T334 is ‘compact, elegant and aerodynamic.’ What does this mean on the ground? Excellent maneuverability and a low profile, but spacious enough for the couple or small family who wants to explore the world in comfort and style.

Hymer is synonymous with quality, and combined with the budget friendly Carado T334, you get the best of both worlds. That translates into sweet basic features such as cruise, A/C, a lovely panoramic roof light and heated mirrors. One of our favourite little touches is a separate compartment for your gas bottles so everything is stored safety and securely for the long road ahead. And something that is so important when you own a motorhome in Scotland- long lasting weather-resistant composite roof and glass reinforced plastic rear end glass- plus solid 34-mm thick insulation that will keep you warm and cosy, no matter the weather.

The Carado T334 gives you a full 15 more inches of headroom in the back and a roomier interior than the smaller Carado models- handy for tall guys or families! The seating area transforms into an extra bed, so you can really feel free to bring the kids along for a family camping trip with all the amenities.

And speaking of amenities, the kitchen features a 3-hob burner and sink with a fold down work surface, as well as a generous 113- litre under counter fridge so you can stock up with supplies and head down the road for adventure.

The bathroom, or “mini wellness spa” truly is both convenient and pleasant- you can separate the toilet from shower (featuring a very spa like duckboard and space to put your toiletries) and actually enjoy bathing while on a camping trip.

Carado T334 Motorhome for Sale in Scotland

The fixed double bed is in the rear, and features Carado’s comfortable mattress and nick knack stand, so no matter how far you have to go in the morning, you’ll be rested and ready to go. And, like all the Carado models, there is plenty of storage for all of your gear, sports equipment, bikes, all-weather clothing and coats.

We love the Carado T334 for couples who want a bit more room to stretch out, but still crave high adventure on everything from the back roads to the blue highways to the metropolitan streets of Europe’s great capitals. It’s also perfect for families with younger kids who love to take weekend or school break camping trips.

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