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Carado T449 motorhome

April 24, 2018 9:56 pm Published by Roseisle

Carado T449 motorhomeIf you dream of exploring the world on your terms, then the Carado T449 motorhome is the perfect vehicle to take you off the beaten track in comfort, style and flexibility.

Love the idea of following your wanderlust dreams but love the comforts of home? The Carado T449 is for sale at Roseisle in Edinburgh, Scotland, and it doesn’t compromise on space and quality- so that you have everything you need to focus on your adventures!

Carado have re-engineered their models to make them even more suited for British travelling needs. With new bathrooms, optimized bed lengths and widths, a new on-board control panel and more space for larger kitchens and lounging areas, the Carado motorhomes for sale in Scotland at Roseisle match the demands of modern camping. With three berths and four belted seats, the Carado T449 is perfect for the family who loves to take the road less travelled.

The ergonomic pull-down beds with Clima-Plux elements guarantee an improved sleeping comfort in the Carado T449 motorhome, and the new Greenfirst mattresses are designed for long-term use with natural materials that remain free of dust-mites. All this guarantees a relaxed sleep so you and yours can make the most of every day.

The modern white interior of the Carado T449 motorhome washroom, with washbasin, toilet, shower and numerous shelves, leaves nothing to be desired. And when it comes to storage space, Carado meets every demand. Thanks to the unique storage space, all of your luggage and personal items can easily be stowed away, while leisure equipment, games, push chairs and camping furniture all fit into the rear garage. Room-high wardrobes with extensible clothes rails allow a clear arrangement of all clothes. Hidden shoe compartments and side flaps provide surprising possibilities to stow away the many small items of daily life – every space is fully utilised.

Enjoy preparing your meals in the convenient and spacious kitchen. With its large storage space, a modern design-panel on the fridge, a hob with a new cast-iron pan support and black cover, a new tap on the sink and spacious work surfaces, the Carado T449 motorhome provides everything you need for preparing your favourite menus.

With a sleek, modern look and luxurious touches, the Carado T449 for sale is definitely worth considering, so visit Roseisle and see for yourself why families love this motorhome.



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