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New and used motorhomes in Scotland

There’s a certain enrichment that comes from the space and freedom of the great outdoors. Having your own vehicle puts you in control of where you go and what you see. Whether it’s the idea of nights under starry skies or the need to please your inner wanderlust, your own motorhome will open up a world of travel possibilities. Browse our full catalogue of new and used campervans and motorhomes or choose from the filters to narrow your search.

New Motorhomes

Start a new adventure every day with the Carado range. Featuring luxury and comfort with the ability to customise your dream vehicle.

Explore the world of motorhoming with Laika. From small, compact vehicles to high-quality, premium models. Discover options to personalise your vehicle.

Discover the wide range of luxury motorhomes and campervans currently available at Roseisle.

Used Motorhomes

Begin your journey with our full catalogue of used motorhomes and campervans.