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Amundsen 600D Motorhome

January 19, 2016 10:15 am Published by Roseisle

Amundsen 600DThe Amundsen 600D is one of the exciting Westfalia models now for sale exclusively in Scotland at Roseisle Luxury Campervans.

The Amundsen ‘step up’ entry level series from Westfalia, the 600D has a medium wheelbase. This model offers a bit more room than the 540D short wheelbase, but is still easy to manoeuvre, easy to park, easy to turn around and reverse-and it all fits in a regular car park.

Amundsen 600D – for sale in Scotland

As in every Westfalia, the Amundsen 600D makes the best use of space, light and materials to create an imminently liveable interior that is both comfortable and luxurious. But don’t let all this fool you- it’s also a tough, practical vehicle that you can use for everything, not only leisure travel. Just ask the massage therapist who works out of her Westfalia Amundsen 600D, or the joiner who lives out of his for weeks at a time while he is on out of town jobs, or the busy mom who shuttles the kids around to their activities and loads all the gear plus the weekly shopping in it. Do all that, then head out to the country on the weekends in it for well-deserved break- or, for that matter, take off on a pan European road trip! The Westfalia Amundsen 600D, for sale in Scotland at Roseisle, truly is a way of life.

Now down to the particulars. The Westfalia Amundsen 600D for sale in Scotland features ergonomic front seats that swivel to form part of the dinette/seating area. A double bench with two belted seats that convert to a bed offers a place for two more to ride and dine in ease-even with the table down there is elbow room. In the 600D, the shower is separate, and with the swivel toilet, nice sized. Everything about the fully fitted washroom says boutique. The kitchen has a surprising amount of worktop space and storage, as well as thoughtful touches such as an easy to reach 80-litre fridge, a hot water system and soft close drawers.

The fixed transverse double bed is in the rear on the Westfalia Amundsen 600D for sale in Scotland, and offers plenty of sleepy time space for two large adults. The bed easily converts into a massive through-loading boot area with room for plenty of supplies or equipment.

Amundsen 600D at Roseisle

All in all, we find the Westfalia Amundsen 600D is one of the best motorhome values for sale in Scotland. It’s a lot of motorhome for the price and the size!

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